February 24, 2018

Bull Leaps Into Crowd in Spain; Spectators Run for Their Lives

August 19, 2010… Bull Leaps Out of Bullring in Spain, Injuring Dozens of Stunned Spectators.

Bull Leaps Into Crowd In Spain Dozens Injured
Not being from Spain, I just don’t understand the attraction to bull fighting – nor do I fully understand why the walls aren’t just a bit higher. This bull seemingly has no trouble jumping into the stands of this bullring. And, I seem to recall this very same thing happening at least a few other times in the past.

Pretty scary in my opinion.


  1. Bull fighting is a terrible “sport” and should be stopped throughout the world.

  2. I’ve been to the Running of the Bulls and it is a great tourist event. But, I agree that bull fighting in general should be stopped. Killing a bull for the pleasure of a crowd is just senseless.

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