January 18, 2018

Britney Spears Does Strange Things with Her Tongue

Britney Spears – Strange Tongue Trick

Okay, so I’ve never been a huge fan of Britney’s music, but I have to admit that she’s always been one of my favorite celebrities. Since her post Mousketeer career began in 1998, you could always expect the unexpected from Ms. Spears. And, the unexpected, combined with monster sex appeal, certainly makes for interesting in my book.

Britney Spears Tongue TrickSo, I was surprised to find this YouTube video showing what appears to be a pretty common thing with Britney… A very unusual trick she does with her tongue when singing.

Watch the video and see for yourself, it is a very strange thing she does with her tongue. Then, try to do it yourself. It is actually difficult to do without looking all stupid.

How did anybody not notice this until now?


  1. I’m a huge (HUUUGGEEE) Britney Spears fan and I’ve NEVER noticed that before. Weird, but still LOVE Britney!!!!

  2. Britney is STUPID!!!!! Wish her, Paris, and Lohan would just disappear from the news.

  3. huahahahaha…really just notice those tongue things…LOL..two possible responses; teased or sicked…^_^ or What???

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