January 18, 2018

Bizarre Cat with Two Faces Celebrates 12th Birthday

Two-Faced Cat “Frank & Louie” Turns 12 (Pics and Video)

Frank & Louie is a very unique cat. Celebrating his 12th birthday on September 8, 2011 – this bizarre and wonderful cat was born with double mouths, noses and eyes. Frank and Louie has only one brain, however, and only the outer eyes are functional. But, despite these anomalies, this rare cat is completely healthy and functional.

Typically, animals with this type of disability live only a few days after birth. But, Frank and Louie grew strong and healthy like an otherwise “normal” cat.

Cat with Two Faces - 1Cat with 2 Faces turns 12 years oldKitten with two facesFrank and Louie Cat with Two FacesCat with Two Faces

Frank and Louie Video…

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