February 24, 2018

Bizarre “Otherworldly” Cyclops Shark Discovered in Mexico

Cyclops Shark Baffles Scientists

The recent discovery of a cyclops shark fetus which appears to have a single, cyclops-looking eye in the center of it’s head is creating quite a stir in the scientific community. Take a look at the images and see for yourself… It is quite bizarre indeed.
Bizarre Otherworldly Cyclops Shark with One EyeThe three-foot-long unborn shark was reported to have been removed from a large dead bull shark captured by fishermen in the Sea of Cortez – beyond La Paz, capital of Baja California Sur. The story was first reported about the bizarre shark on the Pisces Sportfishing blog under the title “Freak Shark Puzzles Scientists.”

The images of the shark fetus where shared with two well-known shark experts from California on Monday. Both experts, at least initially, believed the story to be some kind of hoax. One of them jokingly called the species as a “Cyclopotomus” due to what appears to be a single eye just above the animal’s mouth.

However, renowned shark expert Felipe Galvan has also seen the shark personally and has even written a scientific paper on the discovery. “When I have an answer from the journal I will give you more information,” Galvan stated Monday night via email.

Bizarre Cyclops Shark Side ViewThe story is now beginning to make rounds on numerous shark-related websites. One such post from Monday on the Shark Diver blog comments, “The eye is the freaky part and we might have called “Faux Shark” on this one until word that renown shark scientist Dr. Felipe Galvan had seen, studied, and produced an initial paper on this otherworldly animal.”

So, take a look and judge for yourself… Is this Cyclops Shark real or an elaborate hoax? (Leave a comment below to tell us what you think.)

Bizarre Cyclops Shark Pictures…

Cyclops Shark Discovered in Gulf of California

This Cyclops Shark was Discovered in the Womb of an Adult Shark in the Gulf of California

Strange Cyclops Shark

The Mexican Fisherman who Caught the Cyclops Sharks Mother also Found Several Normal Embryos Inside

Cyclops Shark with Rare Embryonic Deformity

This is a Rare Embryonic Deformity and the Shark Likely Would Not Have Survived

Cyclops Shark after Xrays

Shark Experts Examined and Xrayed the Cyclops Shark and Confirmed it is Not a Hoax

Cyclops Shark Eye Closeup

Closeup View of the Cyclops Shark Single Eye

Albino Cyclops Shark

The Cyclops Shark had Other Deformities such as Albino Coloring

Cyclops Shark

Image Soucres – Pisces Sportfishing and Marcela Bejarano


  1. Weird. But nevertheless: “In the country of the blind the one-eyed man is King.” ~  Erasmus

  2. Those so called shark “experts” must be on drugs. There’s no freaking way this thing is real.

  3. All throughout the animal kingdom (e.g. Stillborn cats, dogs, and the like on occasion have deformed offspring including one-eyed offspring. Most are spontaneously aborted due to multiple veterinary issues both externally and internally or die shortly after birth. Survival is poor due to multiple and often major defects. Similar deformities have also manifested in the human race with usually the same outcome. Both situations are well known and established in legitimate medical and science circles. It always takes time to investigate any claim before immediately declaring it to be false. This is how we all continue to learn, grow and be amazed by the things we never knew or can fully comprehend. Makes life interesting.

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