December 15, 2017

Become the Pick-Up Artist: How to Get a Girl

4 Things to Help You to Get the Girl

When you go to the club, it may seem like everyone’s there for the same thing: a hook-up. This is the root cause of much frustration among men. The thing is, even if a woman is consciously looking to hook up, she is subconsciously judging you on your suitability as a more long-term mate. Thanks to this fact, you will need to put out cues that allow her DNA to accept you as a possibility. Here are some fun ideas as well as a few serious pointers to increase your chances of walking out of that club with a lady on your arm:

Project Confidence

Couple spending time togetherIf you tell a lady you love the color of her eyes while looking at your feet, you might as well walk away. Author of “Love Mechanics: Power Tools to Build Successful Relationships,” Renee Piane says you can focus on the mouth and she’ll never know the difference. You’ll appear uninterested, inattentive, or insincereespecially during sweet talk, according to Men’s Health.

You can look the part by wearing things like muscle shirts and motorcycle jackets – cycle riders are known for being bad boys, and it takes confidence to be a bad boy. Dressing manly doesn’t mean dressing like a slob. A nice button-up T-shirt is always a safe choice to portray confidence, as long as you’re not wearing the touristy Hawaiian flower shirt you got on your last vacation. Keep it simple and go with a classy one color button up.

Don’t Brag About Yourself

There’s a big difference in being confident in yourself and being plain old full of yourself. Braggarts are turn-offs. Use more subtle ways of pumping yourself up.
Be easy going. Have an attitude that shows you can handle problems with ease. A woman doesn’t want someone who is going to freak out if something doesn’t go right – she’s looking for someone who can fix such problems. Don’t take it so far that you seem boring, but never show panic either.

Don’t Talk Badly of Your Job or Life

As soon as you start complaining about your life, you might as well have taken a giant “LOSER” stamp and forcefully applied it to your own forehead. No matter how much your boss sucks or how mad you are about your car leaving you stranded 10 miles from town in a blizzard, keep it to yourself! No woman wants to inherit your bag of problems – so don’t admit you have any.

Talk about all of the good things in your life. Better yet, talk about her. Ask her about her job and her life.

Immediately Show Your Interest

If you come across as a great guy and a nice listener, you could get stranded in the “friends zone” forever. To avoid this, quickly make a comment like, “You’re sexy” to let her know where you want to go.

These are just a few of many tactics you can use to get some action. The final tip is likely the hardest of all: Get out there and start hitting on women! Once you gin up the confidence to try and keep on trying, your success rate will quickly increase.

Robert Boyd – About the Author: Rob is the guy you want on your Trivial Pursuit team: He knows a little bit about a lot of things.

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  1. Confidence is definitely key. Women (men too) can sense confidence a mile away, which is a major reason why men in relationships feel that they are getting more attention from other women. Since they are no longer are hunting they are more confident when conversing.

    The other three are strategy, which are great tips but dependent on personality. Bragging to women (bragging in general) is never a good thing, and negative speech is also always bad. As for immediately showing interest … that depends on how you want to play the game.

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