January 19, 2018

Barrett-Jackson’s Greatest Collectibles Auction

Holy Auction Batman (Infographic)

The Batmobile Auction infographic was developed by Chapman Automotive Group.

Holy Auction Batman! Barrett-Jackson's Greatest Collectibles

With the original Batmobile set to hit the auction block at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale in 2013, we’ve created the above infographic featuring some of the greatest television and film icons ever sold.

The upcoming auction features the ORIGINAL BATMOBILE from 1955! Originally a Lincoln Futura (concept car), it was modified to what you see below… Batman and Robin’s ultimate ride!

Original 1955 Batmobile

One comment

  1. My God! People have way too much money. How can you justify spending so much on a car simply because it was in a film. They probably had dozens of them, you only get one. Wow!

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