December 15, 2017

Back Hair — Stupid or Sexy?

Do Women Actually Like Back Hair on their Guys?

I recently heard about this band from Australia that released their debut record with an image of a man covered in thick back hair. I thought to myself, “Self… this has to be a joke. Nobody, I mean NOBODY likes back hair – right?” So, I took it upon myself to do a little research about the band and back hair in general.

As it turns out, the band (Fabulous Diamonds) did in fact release their debut album (Seven Songs) featuring the image of an overly hairy man being comforted by what appears to be a very attractive woman. (You can only see about 1/2 her face in the photo.) As soon as I saw the image, I assumed it was a fake. I mean, c’mon… That’s a lot of back hair.

After looking at it more closely, however, I began to believe that it probably was a real photo. So, I then wondered not only where they found this guy, but why they would use this as the cover image for their debut album? And, wouldn’t you know it… The hairy backed man and the woman are the actual members of the band!

Jarrod Zlatic and Nisa Venerosa ARE the Fabulous Diamonds, an Australian band that specializes in creating soundscapes with reverbed vocals and other odd sounds. While the music definitely is not my thing, coming from an Advertising background, I absolutely LOVE this cover image and feel it has potential (duh!!) to be a huge viral success for the group.

With the questions about the record cover solved, one huge item remained unanswered in my mind… Do women hate back hair as much as I assumed they did – or do they actually find it attractive? So, I set out to answer this question by asking friends and finding other hairy-backed men’s images online. Out of the 20 or so women I asked, not a single one of them said they actually liked back hair. (No surprise there, right?) But, I did find a bunch of really funny hair / back hair images to share with you. So, without further ado, here you go…

Funny Back Hair Photos

Hairy Redneck Nascar Fan

You Gots To Luvs You Some Nascar to Even Think About Doing This!

Lovers with Hairy Backs


Funny Hairy Guy Blending In with Couch

This Guy Almost Blends in with the Couch!

I know this image doesn’t show the guy’s back. But, I’d be willing to bet the back side is just as bad as the front!

Guy with Hairy Back and Lots of Tattoos
Don’t think tattoos go well with back hair. You agree?

gross back hair


Notre Dame Back Hair Guy

Team Logos Carved from Back Hair - Nice

I’m sure Notre Dame alum all over the country are really proud to call this guy one of their own!!

Funny Hairy Back Guy

What The .... ?

I’m not even sure what this one is supposed to be. Looks like someone possibly held him down and took an electric razor to his back?

Heart Shaped Hairy Back

Happy Valentine's Day

gross back hair art

White Hot!!

Who would even think to try to create an artistic image out of back hair?

covered in back hair

Funny Back Hair

“Hey Honey… Can I Borrow Your Coat?”

mullet back hair

This Collection Just Wouldn't Be Complete without Mullet Back Hair Guy

You can’t tell where the back hair stops and the mullet hair begins!!! 🙂

Number 8 shaved in back hair

Good Ole Number 8

Rounding up the end of our funny hairy back photos collection, we have this guy! It’s bad enough that he has an “8” shaved out of his back hair, but he has to go and show us the infamous “crack” hair as well. Seeing this just made your day. You know it did!!



  1. “This is Just WRONG on So Many Levels” – it’s wrong on one level and that is that they are both overweight, one particularly so. Nothing else that I can see.

    This question of “Do women like back hair on a man?” is so tired and worn. I doubt if women like ANY hair on a man judging by every image of a man that you see in the press! In 2001, men don’t even like hair on a man as can be seen by the shaved, waxed, plucked, lasered and shiny-headed men walking around.

    Body hair is natural for most of us, yes including women though obviously less so. Advertising and the cosmetics industry obviously doesn’t like natural because there’s no money in it. So the general state of mind of people must be altered to become unhappy with our body shape, eye colour, hair colour, ear size, nose shape, hair covering, eyelashes, nails, chest hair, breasts, six pack – you name it, someone can change any ugly part of your body for you. At a cost. And just to hammer it home there will be TV programmes and articles popping up to remind you just how unpleasant your given body is and how someone can sort you out.

    30 years ago only women were shaving under their arms and using Immac to remove “unwanted body hair”. Now the men, including you too Mr(?) Douglas, can’t get it off fast enough either. The question I’d ask is, “Did your Mum actually like back hair on a man?”. Did her mother? If so why? In fact, they had probably never even thought of the question. A bit like asking “Do you actually like humans that sweat?”. I think now there’s something for that too … of course, antiperspirant!

    Every felt as though someone is laughing all the way to the bank?

    • Yep, Stephen… I am indeed a fellow guy. Fortunately for me, however, I’ve been blessed with no back hair. I’ve got plenty of other faults that people make fun of though, believe me!!

      And, I’ll leave my family out of this – thank you very much – as I’m not sure I want to know the answers to your questions. 🙂

      As for the caption “This is Just WRONG on So Many Levels” on the photo in question… Sorry, dude, but there are several other really funny things about this photo… The back hair (obviously), the speedo type swimsuit on a slightly overweight gentleman, crazy looking thigh tattoo, and the “BEAROTIC” (emphasis on BEAR – as in sometimes men are called bears because they have back hair – get it?) sign in the background are indeed very funny.

      Our intent here at is never to insult anyone. Please accept our apologies if these photos, the story, or the comments offended you.

  2. “This is Just WRONG on So Many Levels”. I thought that this phrase was as dumb as ignorant, and the article was either written by a teenager on her way to adulthood, or an ignorant and innocent grown-up.

    • C’mon, Matt… This is funny stuff. Whether you agree or not, I can assure you that 99% of the Internet finds this wrong. (And, by wrong, we mean FUNNY.) Not because the photo shows two men holding each other, but primarily because of the back hair, choice of swimming attire, and strange thigh tattoo.

      The overall gist of this piece was to poke fun at back hair. And, honestly, we were hoping to get some responses from women that did in fact like back hair. (Haven’t received any so far, unfortunately.)

      Please accept our apologies if the caption on one particular image offended you.

  3. I LOVE back hair – the more the better. And Liz Lemon (AKA Tina Fey) says she loves a hairy back, so I’m assuming that comes from somewhere…

    • Well, thank you for your honesty, A. I do believe you are in the minority on this one, however. Anyone else out there actually like back hair?

      • I hadn’t thought about back hair much. My husband gets more each year. I love him, love his hairy back, his hairy front, love him just as he is. If he shaved it would be creepy, as I associate bare of hair with teenagers and very young men. My husband had a little back hair when I met him in his late 30’s, but, from pictures I know he had chest hair early on.
        When I was 23 I heard two 40-50 year old women talking about back hair. One said she found it sexy when a man had a line if hair right across his shoulder blade. Having never thought of back hair at 23, it was an odd thought for her to have so specifically decided on the sexiness of that specify string of hair. To each her own.

        • My boyfriend has a hairy chest and back, but his shirts pull his sensitive chest hair so he shaved it once and that was awful, extremely stubbly and pokey, and he didn’t look so sexy. He trims it now instead, but he leaves his back hair for me to touch since that’s not a sensitive area for him. My favorite bits are between his shoulder blades and on his collarbones, and I want to see him in open dress shirts

          I didn’t choose him for his hairy body, but when his clothes first came off I couldn’t stop looking him up and down. We’re both pretty young, I’m early twenties and he’s mid twenties. I probably would have denied liking hairy men before meeting my boyfriend (due to the media), now I defend it when my friends talk bad about it (they don’t know my boyfriend is hairy because I don’t announce those things to the world).

  4. I too was offended by the ‘wrong on so many levels’ comment. It’s 2012 ffs. After reading the responses to the above posters with similar reservations I suppose I can see where the author is making their point. However their comment just helps me prove mine. We’re all wired differently, and find different things attractive. When I see women who are tweezed, made up, physically augmented, tanned etc. it basically repulses me, and the same is true of men.

    There is so much already present in people that make them attractive without all the alteration, a seemingly forgotten natural beauty. A large group of people, (who can say the actual number, who would even be 100% honest about what turns them on?) the ones who find men attractive find them attractive for their most masculine qualities. Literally, fundamental male traits usually absent in females: facial hair, baldness, muscular builds, maybe a beer belly, and yes, body hair.
    Now, finally in answer to the question posed, ‘do women find back hair attractive?’ my sister, who is straight and shares my upbringing, likes men strong and big with facial hair, chest hair and no back hair. Me, her gay brother on the other hand likes em big and strong with facial hair, body hair and back hair. 🙂 While I’m sure some chicks are into it, I just don’t know any offhand. I tend to blame the media.

    • Thank you for the very well thought out response, Rossotron. After careful consideration, we have decided to remove the comment that was offensive to yourself and a few others.

      It was never the author’s intent to offend anyone, nor did our editorial staff feel the comment would stir-up any feelings of ill will. Again, it is never our intent to offend anyone here at As such, we have changed the comment on the photo.

    • Rossotron,
      I agree with you and your sister. Though, if iwere single, I would not seek out a man for his back hair, I’d be more apt to go for the way he treats me and his personality than his amount of body hair. My husband had to have his chest shaved for surgery and I definitely would not seek out a shaved, stubbly chest that pokes me when we’re snuggling.

  5. I LOVE hairy back, hairy chest, hairy body.

    This is a cultural subject.
    Let me try to explain it to you.

    Long a go, the beauty patter was very different from the actual one.
    Fat ladies were the beauty icons as you can see from old paintings.
    But society created a “modern” thin beauty pattern for many commercial reasons.
    Know everybody wants to be thin because media says this is the healty one and so on. However, if you make a research, you’ll find out that actually we like a more rounded body. The extemelly thin model body is beautiful to sell clothes, cars, or whatever the world wants. But to make sex, a more voluptuous body (not an extremelly fat, but a sexy one) is a lot more desireable.

    The same thing has happened to the hairy body.
    Old cave man had a lot more body hair than the modern man.
    This is a masculinity and virility sign.
    But as before, society wanted to sell a differente image of modern man and now everybody has implanted in their brains that a hairy body is ugly, whet actually it’s extremelly sexy.

    Of course you will think this is all bullshit, and I do not blame you.
    This is not your falt, it’s the society showing the way they want it to be.

    How many of you that said you do not link a hairy body thought:
    “just a bit of hair is OK, but not so much….”

    This is your desire fighting against the society.

    Think about it.

  6. I don’t give a rats butt if women like back hair on a guy. From a man’s point of view, it is NORMAL. We will not be victims of body shaming. Men look best when not a hair is trimmed or shaved anywhere below the neck. We are adult MEN. If women want smooth, they should cruise middle schoolers.

    • I agree 100%. The hairless male body concept must stop! Men should stop trying to be feminine and let their body hair grow into the handsome, masculine male characteristic that it is. And, men, grow your beard out! Be who you are meant to be. Don’t fight it, revel in it.

  7. Massive hair on muscular back -eg the very 1st photo is way more attractive.

    Are you trying to make us hate hairy back?

    20 women don’t like back hair? Nothing can be deduced from that. I don’t like hair under woman’s armpit but that’s ME -another man/ woman might like!

    • ihaveafurryhusband

      i completely agree. i’m a gay man and i’m not into womens breasts or lady bits either. it’s actually repulsive to me…but i’m not here telling all these housewives how unattractive pretty much everything that makes up a woman. 🙂 ew GROSS!

  8. ihaveafurryhusband

    i think it’s wrong for all of you to judge someone of being comfortable with yourself. isn’t that in fact the trend? fat women who decide to own the fact that their fat and not who their husbands married at all?!? i’m shocked and women of all people telling someone that their natural self is unattractive. isn’t that also why a majority of “fly-over state” housewives have completely let themselves go and just give up? its a generalization. but it’s a LARGE group i’m calling “shame” on. and by the way…i have a husband that’s blessed with a masculine pelt of back hair. he’s a true man and not one of these fem men that wax tweeze and layer off what bit of masculinity they have all to please their chubby “foodie” wives. HAHAHAHA so yall women that want feminine husbands…go right ahead and save the furry men for those that appreciate them just how god made them.

  9. ihaveafurryhusband

    you guys are all g*dd*mn are embarrasing. i just read all the comments….

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