January 28, 2015

Awesome Star Wars / Hello Kitty Creations

Star Wars Meets Hello Kitty!!!

The below images are Photoshop illustrations of Star Wars / Hello Kitty characters by a talented artist named Joseph Senior. And, by talented, we mean UNBELIEVABLY FREAKING AWESOME!!!!

If these were actual toys, I’m sure they’d sell out in an instant. Mr. Lucas… You should hire this guy, team-up with the Hello Kitty people and make a fortune together!!

Hello Kitty Storm Trooper Hello Darth Vader Kitty Hello Boba Fett Kitty Hello C3PO Hello Rebel Pilot Kitty Hello Boushh Kitty Hello Snow Trooper Kitty Hello H2K2 Hello Emperors Guard Kitty

Joseph seems to be an expert with Photoshop and has dozens more Hello Kitty renderings on his Flickr page.



  1. Original hello kitty and star wars mash-up… http://www.hellowars.com

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