February 24, 2018

Awesome GIFs by Kevin Weir – Cool Animated GIFs

Awesome GIFs & Cool Animated GIFs

Kevin Weir specializes in making awesomely cool animated GIFs out of images from the Library of Congress. Any fans of Monty Python or artists Cyriak or Gilliam will certainly see their influences on Weir’s amazing artwork. So, without any further ado, please feast your eyes below on the truly Awesome GIFs created by artist Kevin Weir…

(NOTE: This page may take a minute or two to load, as this format of image has to load completely before it will play smoothly.)

WW1 Decoy Howitzer - Cool Awesome GIFs

WWI Decoy Howitzer - Cool Animated GIF

This Awesome GIF has a real “Mortal Kombat” feel to it! The animation work to take the spirit out of the soldier and drag it away is simply fantastic.
Awesome GIFS and Cool GIFs - Neidenburg Church

Neidenburg Church - Cool Animated GIF

This awesome GIF truly reminds you of something out of Monty Python.
Awesome GIFs Krupp Von Bohlen Cool GIFs

Awesome GIFs - Krupp Von Bohlen

This cool animated GIF is Sci-Fi on steroids. Amazing work on the cyclops eye effect, then the alien-like creature popping out of the person’s body and hopping out of the frame… Magic.

Subway Fire Awesome GIFs Collection

This impressive animated GIF is titled “Subway Fire” and melds images of fighting fire and a winter stream together very nicely.
Clearing Debris Awesome GIFs Cool Animated GIF

Clearing Debris - Awesome GIFs

Awesome GIFs of Czar Michael

Another awesome GIF from Kevin Weir featuring a very Monty Python / Sci-Fi type of effect.

Cool GIFs Bruges - Awesome GIFs

This cool animated GIF is truly awesome. We just love how the building swallows up the piddly little humans standing in the middle of the road, and then retreats back to the safety of the other buildings.

Awesome Animated GIFs Mouse Boxers

Mother Jones Awesome Animated GIFs

Mother Jones - Awesome GIF

We can’t help but to be reminded of an old-school Dracula movie in this Awesome GIF from Kevin Weir. Well, except that it’s an elderly woman and instead of bats, she appears to turn into crows – of course.

Kevin’s animations are, by far, some of the coolest and most awesome GIFs you will ever see on the Internet. Please be sure to check out all the cool animated GIFs on his website… Flux Machine

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