January 19, 2018

Archer Halloween Pumpkins

FX TV Show “Archer” Themed Halloween Pumpkin Stencils *

Step 1

1. Pick a worthy pumpkin.

Try to find a pumpkin that stands up tall, has a large, relatively-flat side, and isn’t showing any signs of rot (like discoloration or a squishy outside). Keep in mind that most pumpkins large enough to carve a life-sized face into typically weigh between 25 and 30 lbs.

Step 2

2. Cut out the top and scrape out the guts.

Carefully cut a large lid on the top of your, being careful so the top doesn’t fall into the pumpkin. Then remove the seeds and inner-goo with a plastic scraper from a carving kit, or with a sharp, metal spoon.

Tip: Cut a notch into the pumpkin and the lid to keep it from falling into the pumpkin and ensure a nice, tight fit.

Step 3

3. Print and affix your pattern.

Print your Archer stencil pattern and check it against the pumpkin for potential size issues. Carefully align the pattern on your pumpkin and anchor it down with tape or spray adhesive. The smoother and more securely attached the stencil is, the better.
Download Archer Stencils

Step 4

4. Score the outlines of your pattern.

Using a utility knife, or a small exacto-knife, score the lines of your pattern into the pumpkin skin, taking care not to cut too deep. Your initial cuts will work to guide your deeper cuts later, so be precise.

Tip: Begin with the most intricate cuts first, it will make the process less daunting.

Step 5

5. Make the bigger cuts.

Decide which areas will be cut out and which will be thinned, if any. Using a pumpkin “saw knife” finish the cuts you scored around the areas that will be removed entirely.

Tip: Use a gentile sawing motion and let the scored lines guide your saw through the pumpkin. Don’t force the knife through if it doesn’t go smoothly into the pumpkin. Work methodically and slowly.

Archer Pumpkin

6. Thinning areas.

Carefully thin down areas like cheeks and hair where you want light to come through, but don’t want a hole. Thinning the pumpkin isn’t required, but can add a lot of detail to the quality of your jack-o-lantern. It’s best to peel the thinned skin back and slowly shave the pulpy flesh down to your desired thickness. Put a flashlight inside the pumpkin to make sure you have not gone too far.

Tip: You can always remove more pumpkin later if you need to, but you can never put it back. Don’t be too aggressive with your cuts.

*Archer and it’s characters are copyright their respectful owners. We just like the show that much. Watch Archer on FX when it returns in 2012!

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