November 29, 2015

Amanda Beard – No. 2 Hottest (USA) Female Athlete

Amanda Beard – Our Number 2 Hottest Female Athlete

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Pictures of our Number 2 Hottest Female Athlete – Amanda Beard…

Amanda Beard in bikini with volleyball
Amanda Beard in bikini, posing with one very happy looking volleyball!

Amanda Beard sexy bikini
Fortunately for us, Amanda Beard is a swimmer. So, we get to see lots of images of her in bikinis!

Amanda Beard Sequin Dress

Amanda Beard 2008 Miss USA Competition
Amanda Beard at the 2008 Miss USA Competition at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino Las Vegas, Nevada.

Amanda Beard Sexy Bikini
The beautiful Amanda Beard, posing in a very sexy bikini.

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Amanda Beard is the HOTTEST United States swimmer you will ever see. Amanda participated in the 1996 Summer Olympics, 2000 Summer Olympics, 2004 Summer Olympics, and 2008 Summer Olympics, capturing a total of 7 Olympic medals.

October 29, 1981 / Newport Beach, California

5? 7 1/2? Tall



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