January 16, 2018

4 Plant-Based Energy Sources to Help Power Up Your Smartphone

As the world’s population continues to increase, our natural resources will become more rapidly depleted. Because we tend to look toward innovations in technology to produce more sustainable methods for producing energy, manufacturers are continuing to make huge inroads in developing more sustainable vehicles efficient as the computers and cell phones we use every day. Here are some innovations of today that are already making huge impacts, all while protecting Mother Earth.

Go Green Smartphone

Going for the Green

One of the most exciting new innovators is coming from Europe. Founded in 2009, Plant-E is attempting to find new sustainable energy methods. Their team of Ph.D. scientists have been working around the clock to develop new methods of supplying an energy source from plants. They are working on developing an energy-producing system using the electrons produced in the plant’s soil that is generated by their natural biological processes. The Plant-E technology works by capturing those produced electrons and converting them into usable energy that can charge your car, phone or the lights in your home.

Do No Harm

The process doesn’t cause any harm to plants and allows these plants to continue to contribute fresh oxygen into the atmosphere, while generating electricity. Through photosynthesis, the plants are able to continue to take in sunlight and convert and excrete this energy, or electrons, into the soil for potential energy use, with no interruption to their natural cycle. In other words, the plants continue growing, creating a renewable energy resource for the long term. Plant-E’s goal is to create this model on a larger scale in order to be a leader in renewable energy.

Innovation, For the Win

There are many other innovative companies working to create a similar model of energy production. Biolite has created a camper stove equipped with a USB port that allows you to charge any of your electronic devices. The company’s premier model is a small, compact stove made for backpacking and taking in the back country. Biolite has also developed larger versions of the camper stove and continues to donate bulks of them to third-world countries to use as a sustainable cooking source and thereby safeguarding individuals and families cooking over an indoor open flame.

Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger

Many technology companies are finding ways to use less energy as a sustainable initiative. Today, many cell phone models, including the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone, have longer battery lives that provide for all-day use and only require a full recharge once a day. Compare that to an older model cell phone that’s constantly being used throughout the day and may need two to three charges just to last through the night. What will we see next?

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