January 18, 2018

4 of the Most Ridiculous Celebrity Bedrooms

Top 4 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Bedrooms!

The average person’s bedroom is pretty basic, and mine’s no different. A full-size mattress that sits next to a night stand, a desk on the other side and a TV wall-mounted near the door. There’s nothing about my set-up that MTV will feature on “Cribs” any time soon. But there are bedrooms out there created by a limitless budget and an even larger imagination, featuring anything from shark tanks to marble pillars to beds that could sleep 10 people comfortably.

These aren’t the sort of rooms put together with Ikea furniture and DIY projects. Some are traditional and well-designed, and others are tacky and outrageous, but they all consist of amenities we can only dream of but never afford.

1. Shaq’s Superman Bed

Everything about NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is larger than life. The seven-foot center always made his presence known both on and off the court, and his own home is no exception. In an episode of “Cribs,” Shaq showed off his gigantic circular bed at his Miami home, with the Superman logo embroidered across the bed spread. This isn’t some mattress from Macy’s you can order online. Shaq had this custom made to ensure no other player had a bed bigger than his.

2. Mariah Carey’s Closet

Pop star Mariah Carey appeared a bit loopy during this famous episode of “Cribs,” but her pad wasn’t any less impressive because of it. In what might be the most impressive shoe collection on the planet, Carey dedicates an entire closet to nothing but footwear. This isn’t any normal walk-in either. Dozens of shelves house thousands of dollars worth of shoes, most of them high heels, that Carey shows off for the cameras.

3. Lil Romeo’s Arcade

Given a limitless budget, I would be like a kid designing a bedroom. So when you give the son of rap legend Master P the chance to deck out his own space, it’s going to be filled with all the things you wish you had as a kid. Most impressive is Lil Romeo’s collection of classic arcade games. In a time when all kids want to do is play “Call of Duty,” it’s refreshing to see someone under the age of 16 who loves a good round of Pac Man.

4. Ozzy Osbourne ‘His and Hers’

It’s hard to understand what the Prince of Darkness is saying during this tour, but it’s fascinating to see the collision of Ozzy’s gothic taste from his glory days with Black Sabbath and wife Sharon’s attempt to keep a family home to raise their two children. The bedroom is a combination of candle-lit dark tones and earth colors and plush surfaces. It’s not difficult to see who chose what when they designed these sleeping quarters.

Celebrity BedroomsSo, what’s your bedroom like? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Article Written By: Henry Barnes
Henry is a freelance writer and high school art teacher who lives in New Mexico.

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