September 2, 2014

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The Power of Makeup | Girls Before and After Makeup

Power Of Makeup

Girls Before and After Makeup (21 Pics) Anyone who has watched an episode or two of shows like America’s Next Top Model can testify to the power of makeup. Makeup can make someone prettier or can even turn an average person into a supermodel. Sometimes, however, makeup can have the opposite effect and turn the wearer into something scary or ... Read More »

3 TV Shows That Have Withstood The Test of Time

I Love Lucy - TV Show

Three Television TV Shows That Have Withstood The Test of Time Let’s face it, all TV shows exist within the fairly strict confines of the cultural ‘vacuums’ in which they were created. Funny hairdos, outdated language, and crazy wardrobes aside though, some shows – no matter which decade they hail from – have somehow managed to withstand the rigorous and ... Read More »

How to Ditch a Guy (Like an Adult) in 10 Days

Dump Your Man

Dump Your Boyfriend in 10 Days Ladies. You’re strong. You’re independent. You’re a warrior. So why are you sticking with this immature boy who isn’t giving you what you need, let alone what you deserve? It’s time to ditch him. Kick him to the curb. Say peace be with you. Tough talk, huh? Well, we all know it’s not easy ... Read More »