December 15, 2017

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Funny Mom and Son – School Day Cartoon

Funny Mom Son Cartoon

Mom: “Hey! What Did You Learn at School Today?” Son: “Nothing” This is funny, but oh so true!! Happens every day at tens of thousands of households around the world. Source = Read More »

James Bond Movies – The History of 007

James Bond Movies - Pierce Brosnan and George Lazenby

The History of 007 – James Bond Movies To celebrate 50 years of James Bond movies, has created a nice infographic showcasing the characters who have played the legendary 007 throughout the years. Also featuring the supporting cast, guns, and cars of the hit movies, this is a really cool James Bond infographic. Enjoy! Sean Connery The “original” 007, ... Read More »

Robbing Made Easy: Top 5 Heist Flicks

The Italian Job - Heist Flick

Top 5 Classic Heist Movies For the record, heist flicks should be completely unattractive to the general public because we all know that stealing is wrong. But somehow, there’s something awesome about a group of criminals working together to steal from The Man – as long as The Man isn’t you. Whether it’s a job to pull one over on ... Read More »

Funny Photos Taken at Just the Right Moment

Funny Football Fan Photo Taken at Just the Right Moment

Perfectly Timed Photos Here we present you with 20 funny photos taken with truly impeccable timing! Source Photo Via Sure hope Granny was strong enough to catch him! Source Source Source That’s a pretty attractive look. Photo Not sure if he’s doing “the worm” or if this guy is just falling flat on his face. Photo Looks like the bride ... Read More »

1500’s Fun Facts & Popular Sayings

Bride Bouquet of Flowers

Fun Facts About the 1500’s – Popular Sayings Explained Below we have some fun facts about the 1500’s and how certain sayings, expressions, and traditions – still popular today – got their start. Bride’s Bouquet of Flowers Most couples in the 1500’s got married in the month of June. This was because people generally took their YEARLY bath in May, ... Read More »

Eight Complete Idiots – True Stories

Life Raft

True Stories of Eight Complete Idiots in America Below we have a compilation of eight funny, but true, stories of some completely idiotic things people have done in America. Enjoy! Idiot #1 – True Story of a Man in San Francisco A San Francisco man, wanting to rob a downtown Bank of America, walked into the branch and wrote a ... Read More »