January 19, 2018

Monthly Archives: November 2011

Two Zebras Talking… (Joke)

Zebra Photo

Two Zebras Are Talking And One Asks The Other… “Am I Black With White Stripes Or White With Black Stripes?” The Other Zebra Replies… “Well I Don’t Know. You Should Pray To God About That And Ask Him.” So That Night The First Zebra Did Just That… He Prayed To God And Asked If He Was Black With White Stripes ... Read More »

Favorites from DearPhotograph.com – Part 2

Army Veterans - Dear Photograph Photo

New Photos of Old Photos – Dear Photograph We originally wrote about DearPhotograph.com in September 2011. And, the response was so great that we have decided to update that post with Part 2. So, please enjoy taking a look at the nostalgic photograph collection below, from DearPhotograph.com… Dear Photograph, If only standing up on the swing was the most rebellious ... Read More »

Coffee Art – Incredible Works of Art by Baristas

Rosetta Coffee Art

Beautiful Art Made on Coffee / Lattes To a coffee drinker, there’s not much better than the first sip of a hot coffee made just the way he or she likes it. But, there is one thing that can and does indeed make that special coffee more enjoyable… Beautiful works of art on top of the coffee! No one knows ... Read More »