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Monthly Archives: October 2011

A Lot Can Happen in 60 Seconds

A Lot of Stuff Can and Does Happen Every 60 Seconds (Click to Enlarge) Lot’s of stuff happens every day in just 60 seconds. Here’s a few of the things we find most interesting that happen every 60 seconds… 6,600 New Pictures are Uploaded on Flickr 100+ New LinkedIn Accounts are Created 695,000+ Facebook Status Updates are Made 694,445 Google ... Read More »

Huge Python Caught in Florida after Eating Deer

Huge Florida Python

Huge Python found in Florida Had Eaten a 76-lb Deer The reptile was one of the largest ever found in South Florida. Thursday, October 27… South Florida Water Management workers caught and killed a 16-foot Burmese Python in the Everglades National Park, Florida. The python had recently eaten a 76 pound adult female deer and is one of the largest ... Read More »

Archer Halloween Pumpkins

Archer Pumpkin

FX TV Show “Archer” Themed Halloween Pumpkin Stencils * 1. Pick a worthy pumpkin. Try to find a pumpkin that stands up tall, has a large, relatively-flat side, and isn’t showing any signs of rot (like discoloration or a squishy outside). Keep in mind that most pumpkins large enough to carve a life-sized face into typically weigh between 25 and ... Read More »

Evolution of the Rifle – Infographic

Evolution of the Rifle

Rifle Evolution – 1600 to 2011 The folks at Cannon Safe have taken the time to put together a nice infographic showcasing the evolution of the rifle. Check out the details below featuring early 1600’s muskets all the way up to 2011’s gas operated, rotating bolt FN SCAR rifle… Images Source = Cannon Safe To put this graphic on your ... Read More »

Wish I Was Al Bundy

Married With Children Al Bundy

Watching Married with Children at Age 12 Versus Age 32 Watching Married with Children at age 12… – Crappy Job – Crappy Car – Nagging Wife Watching Married with Children at age 32… – Nice House – Stable Job – Hot Wife Who Wants To Have Sex All The Time Damn, I wish I was Al Bundy!!!! Read More »

Funny Pictures (20 Funny Pics)

Crazy Girl Face Piercings

20 Hilariously Funny Random Images Today we feature a good mix of funny pictures and illustrations. Enjoy… I know what he’s thinking… “Damn. White people are CRAZY!” I’m sure there’s more than one husband out there that wouldn’t mind staying at a place like this while his wife goes shopping. This might be going over board, just a little. Image ... Read More »

Bizarre Cat with Two Faces Celebrates 12th Birthday

Cat with Two Faces - 2

Two-Faced Cat “Frank & Louie” Turns 12 (Pics and Video) Frank & Louie is a very unique cat. Celebrating his 12th birthday on September 8, 2011 – this bizarre and wonderful cat was born with double mouths, noses and eyes. Frank and Louie has only one brain, however, and only the outer eyes are functional. But, despite these anomalies, this ... Read More »