February 24, 2018

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Facebook – Funny Rant

Funny Facebook Rant

I think it’s so stupid when people make a YouTube account and all they do is put YouTube videos on there. Source: unfriendable.com Read More »

Cute Inspirational Pin-Up Quotes – Part 3

You Are Amazing Pin Up Quote

Inspirational Pin-Up Quotes Below we have our third installment of cute, inspirational and artistic quotes designed to be printed out and used as wall pin-ups. These awesome quotes combine cool sayings with cute backgrounds, fonts and other fun imagery. Hope you enjoy! If you enjoy these, be sure to check out our first two posts… Cute / Inspirational Pin-Up Quotes ... Read More »

Funny Animated GIFs – Part 2

Funny Animated GIF Boating Fail

Funny Animated GIF Collection Here we present you with another hilarious collection of eleven funny animated GIFs. Hopefully some of these will bring a little joy to your day!! (View Part 1 of our Funny Animated GIFs collection…) (NOTE: This page may take a minute or two to load, as this format of image has to load completely before it ... Read More »

Original Company Names

How ebay got its company name

How 10 Famous Brands Came Up with Their Company Names Most companies that have been around for any length of time have rumors about how they started and/or how their company name was chosen. Below is a listing of several larger companies that we felt you might find interesting – and the real origins of their company names. Original Company ... Read More »

5 Classic Drinking Moments in Movies, and the Lessons they Teach

The Big Lebowski Screen Shot

Classic Drinking Moments in Movies August 5th of 2011 marks the fourth anniversary of International Beer Day, a holiday devised by a handful of California locales who felt that people around the globe weren’t devoting enough time to celebrating the act of drinking… well, beer. So, in honor of this glorious Beer Day, here are five classic movie scenes that ... Read More »