January 18, 2018

Monthly Archives: April 2011

20 Funny Pics – Totally Random Tuesday VIII

Pepsi Killed Coke Funny Pic

20 Funny Random Pics Our eighth installment of Totally Random Tuesday, where we bring you 20 completely random funny pics. We have a nice mixture this week of photos and drawings to hopefully bring a little cheer to your day! Love this Funny Road Monster!!! Someone out there has a really funny side (and perhaps a little too much time ... Read More »

Funny Animated GIFs

Funny Dive Fail Animated GIF

Funny Animated GIFs Collection Animated GIFs are graphic files that are composed of multiple different images on top of each other. Together these images are compressed and work together (creating movement) to give the appearance of a mini movie. GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. Below we present you with a short collection of eight funny animated GIFs. (NOTE: This ... Read More »

Totally Random Tuesday VII – 20 Random Funny Images

20 Funny Random Images It’s Tuesday again. So, here are 20 completely random funny images to make your day a little better… The ultimate wedgie. I didn’t know giraffe played leap frog. A new line of Barbie Doll has been introduced… Serial Killer Barbie Uh, it might be a little too late for those! So, A Guy Walks Into A ... Read More »

Rare Candid Celebrity Photos

A very young Michael and Janet Jackson

Rare and Candid Photos of Celebrities Today we present to you an extraordinary look at famous people from yesterday and today. You will see below fun and interesting photos of actors and actresses, musicians, movie directors, politicians, and more! Large collection of rare celebrity photos that contains childhood photos, embarrassing photos, and charming candid photos of famous people. Enjoy! Bridget ... Read More »

Totally Random Tuesday VI – 20 Funny, Interesting Pics

Funny Fire Engine in a Sink Hole Image

Our sixth installment of Totally Random Tuesday – as always – featuring 20 funny and interesting (and completely random) images, designed for nothing more than your enjoyment! Have fun… I’ve worked in the “corporate” world before. And, I must say this is a pretty accurate representation! Beer pong items under the “College Essentials” sign. Smart marketing, indeed. Rachel Ray Cooks ... Read More »

Vintage DC Superhero Posters

Vintage Superman Poster

If you like DC Comics, you will love these fun, funky vintage superhero posters created by illustrator / designer Michael Myers! The stylized illustrations combine with digitally aged paper create a super cool effect. Enjoy… Be Sure to Check Out these Top 10 Avengers Comic Book Covers If you like these posters, jump on over to Michael’s website to view ... Read More »

Cute / Inspirational Pin-Up Quotes

Brilliant Quote

Cute Pin-Up Quotes Quotes can pick you up when you are down, give purpose and meaning to those in need, and turn a bad day into a good one. Quotes also sometimes shed light onto the personalities of figures from the past and provide inspiration of all kinds. Below we have a collection of cute, inspirational and artistic quotes designed ... Read More »