December 15, 2017

Monthly Archives: March 2011

Parents Behaving Badly

On this Tuesday, we present to you a look at parenting gone horribly awry, with pics courtesy a very amusing tumblr blog devoted to the topic, The pictures below are a feast for your eyes, if  you’re into that whole “parents behaving badly” craze. While the photos you see may shock and alarm you (and perhaps in the worst ... Read More »

Totally Random Tuesday V – 20 Insanely Funny Images

WTF Crazy Dude

Yet another Tuesday, yet another set of 20 insanely funny images for nothing more than your enjoyment… Thank goodness the 80’s are over! Drinking Alcohol Before Pregnancy Can Cause Pregnancy. Have A Knife Day. See You Spoon. Fork Off Already! So, is this really all it takes??? Christmas hat, lingerie and rockets shooting out of your behind. Nice. It is ... Read More »

Funny Dance Fail Videos

Hilarious Dance Fail Videos Here at, we’ve featured a few fail video compilations and several funny dance videos – and they were all met with a good response. So, today we thought we’d combine the two topics and showcase several funny “dance fail” videos for your enjoyment… Drunk Wedding Dance Fail… We start off the fun with one of ... Read More »

Interesting Facts About Sex

Sex Facts Infographic Sexual thoughts enter the average 18 to 30-year-old male’s brain every 52 seconds, and it’s estimated that intercourse is taking place about 2,778 times every 5 seconds around the world. What else didn’t you know about the thing you think about the most? Source = Interesting Sex Facts: More people under 40 have sex on a ... Read More »

Cash4Gold – Crazy Customer Letter

Mr Haberny Letter Cash4Gold Not Pleased with “Mr. Haberny” Dear Mr. Haberny After sending back your zip lock bag of gold painted rocks that you considered “14 karat gold nuggets found on a soul searching pilgrimage in Tibet with a quadriplegic hooker you picked up in Singapore”, we find it truly unfortunate that you can not understand the concept of “Do Not ... Read More »

Memphis Cheerleaders Go Crazy (Video)

Memphis Cheerleaders Girls Go Crazy After Winning

Memphis Dance Team Girls – Crazy Title Celebration Earlier this season, the University of Memphis Spirit Squad won the National Championship in Hip-Hop Dance. When the winner was announced, all the girls went crazy. But, Captain Marina Barrett took “crazy” to a whole new level, celebrating and thrashing about like an uncontrollable wild woman when the announcement was made! Take ... Read More »

Amazing Insect Photos

Two Dragonflies on a Flower

Truly Amazing Insect Photography – By Izidor Gasperlin Scientists have discovered and cataloged over 800,000 insects worldwide! On top of that, somewhere between 7,000 to 10,000 new insects are discovered each year. And, most scientists believe that there are anywhere from 1,000,000 to an amazing 10,000,000 new insects in the world still waiting to be discovered. Below we have an ... Read More »