January 16, 2018

Monthly Archives: December 2010

Beautiful Nature Photography

Beautiful Cliffs Ocean Moon Nature Photography

Amazing Nature Photographs Nature photography captures some of the most incredible moments in time for everyone to enjoy. Awe-inspiring sunsets / sun rises, breathtaking bodies of water and skies, beautiful plants and animals, and much more. Below we present to you an awesome collection of artwork from an incredibly talented UK photographer, Peter Spencer… This is an amazing photo. Very ... Read More »

Niagara Falls Dried Up

Niagara Falls went Dry by Russ Glasson

Astonishing New Photos Have Surfaced of a Time when the World Famous Niagara Falls Went Dry February 10, 2011 — UPDATE… A previously unseen set of photos of a time when the world famous Niagara Falls stopped flowing have recently gained public attention. 41 years after their taking, the photos here show a barren, dry version of the mighty Niagara ... Read More »

Pregnant Pole Dancing

Christina Applegate Pregnant Prenatal Pole Dancing DVD

Christina Applegate – Prenatal Pole Dancing Video Roxy Fedaro (aka Christina Applegate) has produced a new line of DVDs for pregnant women. The first one in the series is entitled Prenatal Pole Dancing! Buy Prenatal Pole Dancing now and watch as Roxy and her two sexy pregnant assistants show you how to tone up and shape up for your man! ... Read More »

Dougie Dance Goes Horribly Wrong

Guy Gets Nailed by Ice Cream Truck Teach Me How To Dougie

Teach Me How To Dougie. It’s a SMASH Hit! You’ve probably heard (or at least heard of it from your kids) the extremely popular song “Teach Me How To Dougie” by now. Well, this kid (he’s not really a kid, but we’ll call him that anyway) helps to give a whole new meaning to the term “smash hit” while attempting ... Read More »