December 15, 2017

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Vintage Pin-Up Calendar Girls

Vintage Pin Up Calendar Girl March 1953

Vintage Sexy Pin-Up Girls from 1953 Calendar A “pin-up girl” is a model whose pictures have been mass-produced for wide-spread distribution and appeal. Pin-ups are typically intended for informal display in garages, bedrooms, offices, etc. And, the pin-up girls themselves are usually runway / fashion / bikini models or actresses. The term “pin-up girl” first appeared in Americana in the ... Read More »

Totally Random Tuesday 3 – 20 Random Funny Images

Rubber Bands Face

Every Tuesday we present you with 20 of the funniest random images found on the Internet… Flickr – sunchaser whoaawesome Photo Credit Flickr – johnbullas Photo Source Flickr – rfduck Photo Credit Flickr – macwebb Image Credit Flickr – thenovys Photo Source Flickr – candrews Image Source Flickr – paolomargari Photo Credit Flickr – peturgauti « Totally Random Tuesday 2 Read More »

Thousands of Soldiers Form Living Photographs

Human Liberty Bell Photograph

Thousands of American Soldiers Pose as Symbols of American History These fantastic works of art are actually human or “living” photographs, taken by English photographer Arthur S. Mole and American photographer John D. Thomas. The images were constructed using thousands of soldiers positioned in synchronicity to form the subject of the photos. These American history photographs were taken around the ... Read More »

Totally Random Tuesday 2 (20 More Funny Images)

Great Bathroom Art

Every Tuesday we bring you 20 of the best and funniest pics from around the web… « Totally Random Tuesday 1   Read More »

Top 10 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos

Most Embarrassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos! Most all of us have had a funny or embarrassing yearbook photo at least once in our school years. But, when you’re a celebrity, having an embarrassing image – or one that is counter-intuitive from your desired persona – is particularly difficult to deal with. Below we have our selections for the 10 Most Embarrassing ... Read More »