January 18, 2018

Monthly Archives: July 2010

Funny Dunk Fail Video – Girls & Basketball Don’t Mix

Girl Tries to Dunk Basketball Fail

FAIL!!!! These Girls Can’t Make a Basket No Matter How Close They Are!! Watch as one girl after another misses from right under the basket. Then, one really smart girl decides to get on her hands and knees to let another girl use her as a launch pad for a dunk. Only one problem… The girl with the ball missteps ... Read More »

Pacific Barreleye – Rare, Transparent Headed Fish – Pics & Video

transparent head pacific barreleye fish

First photos and videos of this rare fish found alive. The transparent headed Pacific Barreleye Fish lives in deep ocean waters and has never before been seen alive. The Pacific Barreleye Fish has a clear, transparent head and highly sensitive, barrel-like eyes – featuring green, orb-like lenses. These pictures and videos are the first ever of this rare, beautiful deep ... Read More »

Texas Police Officer Shot by Illegal Immigrant – Dashcam Video

Do You Agree with the Arizona Law on Illegal Immigrants? Whether you agree with the new Arizona immigration law or not, there’s one thing that cannot be disputed… This particular incident would NOT have happened if U.S. immigration laws were actually enforced. This police dashcam video shows Steve Stone, with the Texas Department of Public Safety, attempting a routine traffic ... Read More »

Amazing Garage Sale Find – $45 Ansel Adams Worth $200 Million

Ansel Adams Original Photograph

Los Angeles, California — Two Small Boxes Bought for Only $45 (negotiated down from $70) Estimated to be Worth at Least $200 Million, According to a Beverly Hills Art Appraiser. Garage sale hobby turns into multi-million dollar find for Fresno, California painter. Rick Norsigian bought two small boxes 10 years ago at a garage sale for $45. The boxes contained ... Read More »

Awesome Motorized Couch Banned from BYU Campus

motorized couch on byu campus

BYU Student Nicholas Homer Turned a Motorized Wheelchair into an Awesome Moving Couch! But, after a short time using the motorized couch on campus, Brigham Young University officials have put the smack down on the young man’s new ride. BYU promptly banned “motorized couches” from all campus roads and parking facilities. “Of course we get all the ladies with this ... Read More »

When Porcupines Attack | Porcupine Attack Pictures & Videos

porcupine attack on pit bull dog

Porcupine Attacks on Animals Like Dogs and Other Predatory Creatures — as well as People — are More Common than You Might Think Well, I guess calling these porcupine “attacks” is probably not the most accurate statement I could make, as porcupines are herbivores and, as such, only attack when provoked or defending themselves against carnivorous animals. Whether they initiate ... Read More »

Pilot Ejects Just Before Fighter Jet Crashes

Pilot parachute opening

Pilot Capt. Brian Bews Manages to Eject Split Second Before Multi-Million Dollar Fighter Jet Crashes to Ground Friday, July 23, 2010 — Stunning photos and video from CF-18 Fighter Jet crashing to the ground during flight practice at Lethbridge County Airport. Pilot Capt. Brian Bews ejects as his a CF-18 fighter jet plummets to the ground during a practice flight ... Read More »

Invisible Tree House – Perfect Green Solution

nearly invisible mirrored treehouse

Nearly Invisible Tree House / Hotel in Sweden. The Perfect Green Solution, Both for the Environmental Benefit and for Its Beauty. What a beautiful sight… A mirrored tree house that is nearly invisible! This mirrored tree house is a “green” work of art! It is nearly invisible, blending in perfectly with its surroundings thanks to the mirrored glass on all ... Read More »

Funny Obama Political Poster – I Voted For Change

The country is going down hill – and FAST. Many People that Voted for President Obama are Struggling Financially. I bet there are a lot of Obama supporters out there that were not expecting this as the big “change” coming their way. Read More »

Funny Star Wars Parody – Princess Leia, Han Solo

Princess Leia asks Han Solo to do a 68

Princess Leia to Han Solo – “Care to Join Me in a 68?” The original Star Wars movies were the best. The acting was better. The characters were better. The sexual tension between Princess Leia and Han Solo was epic. Read More »