January 18, 2018

15 Funny Notes Left In The Office Fridge

Funny Fridge Notes

“Ok, who ate my yoghurt?”

The office fridge may not seem like the most obvious area of workplace conflict, but we have all experienced a fridge related irritation of some kind before.

More often than not it’s just a mild annoyance when office fridge etiquette is not adhered to when a co-worker finishes the milk and doesn’t replace it! But on occasion it may include lunch items mysteriously ‘disappearing’ or those out of date sandwiches which seem to have been left seemingly festering in the fridge for the past 6-months.

So what’s the most sensible and effective way to resolve any office conflict? Leave post it notes for those responsible of course!

And on that ‘note’ (oh yes!) we scoured the web to uncover the most hilarious collection of office fridge messages left by co-workers, entirely for your amusement.

1. Juices have rights too… Funny-Fridge-Notes - Eviction-Notice

2. Apparently Debbie has a reputation that precedes her… Funny-Fridge-Notes-Not-Debbies

Source = Reddit

3. Creative way to scare off potential thieves… Funny-Fridge-Notes-Scary

Source = Reddit

4. Help yourself… Funny-Fridge-Notes-Are-You-Saying-Im-Fat

Source = Reddit

5. Jesus is watching you… Funny-Fridge-Notes-Jesus-Watching

Source = Flickr

6. The warm fridge… Funny-Office-Fridge-Notes-Warm-Fridge

Source = Flickr

7. Mind games… Funny-Office-Fridge-Notes-These-Are-Shtt

Source = Flickr

8. Itchier than your conscience? Funny-Office-Fridge-Notes-Ice-Cream-Stealing-Gives-You-Herpes

Source = Flickr

9. Grammar police strike… Funny-Office-Fridge-Notes-Grammar-Police

Source = Reddit

10. I didn’t think anyone would notice… Funny-Fridge-Notes-Dont-Take-Bites-Pizza

11. Fridge note stereotype… Funny-Office-Fridge-Notes-Stolen-Hummis

Source = MyPickle

12. Fridge rules edited… Funny-Office-Fridge-Notes-Fridge-Rules

Source = KatieWeber

13. Even celebs have the problem… Funny-Fridge-Notes-Do-Not-Eat-Greek-Food

Source = BBC GregJames

14. Topical… Funny-Office-Fridge-Notes-Stop-Stealing-Cheese-Sticks

15. Fizzy drinks are popular… Funny-Office-Fridge-Notes-Stock-Fridge-Please

Has this made you think twice about putting your lunch in the office fridge? Have you, or one of your co-workers left an office fridge note? Share them in the comments below!

Author Bio:
This post was written by Alexa Garthwaite of Executive Offices Group. You can visit them online or follow them on twitter @execoffices.


  1. “Stealing ice-cream gives you herpes” wouldn’t scare me off.
    I would eat some and add the writing – “It’s OK – I ate from here, because I myself have herpes!”

  2. True story:

    Some decades ago, I was working on an IT project and stored a jar of Goober Grape in the office refrigerator. Considering that I was the only person eating the stuff for lunch, I went ahead and ate directly from the jar with a spoon.

    I ended up coming down with an evil case of the flu – and around the same time, the jar of Goober Grape mysteriously vanished.

    I had to figure that the miscreant who ate up my Goober Grape probably came down with my flu viruses.

    Take-home lesson: Never eat random food. You never know whose mouth it’s been in, or who might have coughed or sneezed on it.

  3. My job ordered 18 pizzas and when the night crew got there we only saw the 18 empty boxes. I left a note that said, “We arent mad that we didnt get any pizza. We are mad because nobody told us that the ninja turtles were visiting the store. We would have came! -Night crew

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